Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Pain Is In The Resisting Of What Is...

As the new year starts I wanted to remind myself of these thoughts I wrote awhile ago.

Pain is in the resisting of what is.  When I first read this I had a moment.  One of those moments that shifts your life.  As I thought about it, I realized how true it is, that the pain in any situation comes in the resisting of it.  When you accept what is, then the peace comes.  Stop resisting how things are and relax into acceptance.  After you do that, you feel the peace of letting go of trying to control a situation that you have no power to control.  

Accepting what is doesn’t mean you have to like it.  I think we get caught up in the thought that acceptance means we are ok or approve of how things are in the moment.  That isn’t true at all.  Accepting what is brings power and peace.  It means letting go of feeling responsible for, or in charge of others or their lives. It means changing your focus to yourself and what you have control over.  Sometimes it’s helpful to remind yourself of what you actually do control.  We all get confused about this at times.  

Acceptance means that we accept ourselves and the people in our lives, as we and they are.  It is only then, that we have the clarity to function and make decisions. Letting go of dreams is hard. The dreams we had for ourselves and for those we love.  But, we have to let go of old dreams to make room for new ones.  Letting go of our idea of what life was suppose to be like is hard work, but so necessary.  We have to have dreams and hopes for the future.  We might just need to shift the lens of what the future looks like.  The freedom lies in our ability to adapt and change. Don’t hold on so tight to what you thought things would be and miss all the amazing things that are.  

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