Thursday, January 11, 2018

Have You Lost Your Spark?

Let's get our spark back!!  How do you know you need to work on that spark?  Well, let's take an inventory of symptoms.  If you feel tired all the time.  If you aren't really excited about much anymore. If people always ask you if you're ok.  These are a few.  There are tons more, so you fill in the blanks.  

First, realizing that you need to work on it is key. I think finding something that excites you is the most important step to getting your spark back.  So start brainstorming what you love to do or what interests you.

Make a vision board.  This seems new, but it isn't.  I've been doing this for years.  I'm working on a new one now.  I'll post a picture when I'm done.  (Don't judge I'm not an artist.)

Find a new book that inspires you.  I'm reading Tools Of Titans The Tactics, Routines, and Habits of Billionaires, Icons, and World-Class Performers by Tim Ferris right now and it's awesome.  So many great ideas from successful people.

I think changing something about how you look is one of the best things you can do to boost your confidence.  A new hair cut or a makeup change or getting something new to wear helps tons.

 These expensive glasses I got for a bargain.  The new coat made me feel like a million bucks.  What can you do to give yourself a boost?

As always I would love to hear from you!  Follow me here on Blogger!  Tell me what you've done that has helped you get your spark back!!!

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

It All Starts In The Gym!

I have a confession to make ….. I watch the Kardashians! Ok, I said it…if you are terribly disappointed I’m sorry.  I don’t think they are great people,  I just enjoy watching these rich people live their lives.  It is fascinating to watch the businesses they’ve created because of their fame.

Anyway, Kloe has a new show called Revenge Body.  It is a really good show!  So inspiring!  One of the things that stuck with me from one of the episodes is how your emotional strength is connected to your physical strength.  I never thought about it that way.  She has many people on the show that are going through hard times and want to get in shape.  It’s impressive to see how all the hard work on their bodies really does change their attitude, confidence and strength emotionally.

Now, the improved attitude and confidence probably is a given.  However, I never considered how much emotional strength could be improved by improving your body.  GET EXCITED!!!

My son Mitch is a personal trainer.  He changed his life by changing his body.  He is a recovering addict.  If you could have seen him in the worst of his addiction, you wouldn't believe that this is him now.  He spent 3.5 years in prison.  He decided when he was sentenced to prison that he would make the experience work for him and not against him.  He worked out for hours everyday.  He was always in a small space (as you can imagine) He had no equipment, only his own body.  He made up workouts and did them constantly.  He dreamt of the day when he would become an MMA fighter.  He had an iron will and now is working on his dream.  He has won 3 fights and is an amazing young man.  

However, he doesn’t train me because he says I don’t do what he says!  I asked him for a plan and he gave me one to start with.  He wants me to walk 2 miles a day and NO Sugar and NO Pepsi (except once a week)  I’m committed!  I got up early and went to the gym.  It was frightening how 2 miles was hard!!!!
I did it!  I’m on a quest to strengthen myself physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally.  Apparently it all starts in the gym or where ever you find yourself….let’s see!

                                    Him, not letting me buy chocolate!

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Emotion is Created By Motion!

Emotion is created by motion is what Tony Robbins says.  Man I love that guy.  I would love to go to one of his seminars. But rest assured, when the Fire Walk starts, I would be running to the bathroom!

So this concept is so helpful when going through a hard time or when we are caught up in grief or confusion or just any crappy emotion.  (Sorry about the "crappy" couldn't think of another word.)

Think about how you hold your body when you're feeling sad.  Think about how you hold your body when you're happy.  The motion you create with your body really does affect your mood.

Try this.  Next time you're having a crying fit or just feeling down, get into motion.  I mean anything.  Go for a walk.  Go put some laundry in.  Do some dishes.  Put some music on and force some dance moves.  This works like magic.  When you want to change your mood, change your body, get into motion.

I'm amazed at how well this works.  It seem so simple.  In fact so simple, it doesn't seem like it would work...but it does.  

As always, please follow my blog and comment!  Tell me your experiences.  Oh, and that pic is me at 19 getting my grove on!  This picture was also the inspiration for The Aces music video for their song "Stuck".

Tomorrow will be a video.  Favorite cookbook day!

Monday, January 8, 2018

When You're In The Darkness....

So I write about consistency, and then I didn't blog yesterday!  I'm human and trying! My daughter Cristal is a great example of consistency!  She set her goal when she was 10 to be a star and she has never doubted or quit working on it.  This year is a huge year for her band!

I want Mamas On The Move to be about us moving forward in life no matter what's going on.  Let's face it, life is always changing and sometimes in ways we could have never anticipated.  I am personally going through probably the most challenging time of my life.  Blogging is helping me think about the things that are helping me and hopefully maybe something I share will help you.

I thought of this idea the other day.  "When you're in the darkness, wait...the light is coming." Jill Armstrong Ramirez

I've learned lately in Yoga about sitting with whatever feelings you have.  I personally want to hurry passed the grief part of any experience.  I'm sure we all do.  I've learned to trust that the light is coming.  I've tried to remember in my darkest hours that this is gonna get better.  Somehow it gives me hope.  When you feel so much despair or fear, it's easy to think it's never gonna get better.

Try to think of other times when you thought all was lost.  Remember how things worked out somehow.  I try to list all the good that can come from whatever I'm going through.  It sounds cheesy, but try it.  Tomorrow I'll write about what I do when I've had enough of sitting with the feelings...

Saturday, January 6, 2018

A Great Book!

So, my 30 day blogging challenge is a Challenge!!!  The day gets away from me.  I'll plan better.

My blog is short tonight.  I'm gonna recommend a book.  The book is Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.  It is a great book about the importance of being creative.  I loved it as well as everyone in my family.  We forget how important being creative is.

Having a creative outlet in our lives brings such joy.  I think I've gotten caught up in not being the best at something so I don't do it.  For instance I love to sing.  I haven't been singing much for years.  I love to perform.  It's been years since I did any performing.  I know in getting those things back into my life I'll be so much happier!  What have you stopped doing that you love to do?

As always...comment!  I would love to hear what you think!

Friday, January 5, 2018

The Big Secret!

I have a problem with consistency.  I love the idea. I am a fan, not a performer in this realm.  I want to be consistent, but some deep seeded flaw in me resists.  I don’t know, was it all the running around the neighborhood unsupervised for hours as a child? Is it my tendency to day dream?  Is it my sparkling personality that makes others want to pick up the pieces for me?  Have I ever been consistent? If not, then maybe it’s because I don’t know how great it is.  Either way, I’ve decided to work on being consistent this year.  I feel I will get a lot done if I commit to this venture.  My house will be cleaner, my body thinner, my blog better.

If you really think about it nothing amazing ever happens without consistency.  If you can’t keep up a steady pace at whatever you want to accomplish, it isn’t going to happen. I should know, I’m an expert.  

Weirdly I’ve somehow instilled this priceless little gem into my children.  So much for “you can’t teach what you don’t know”.  Honestly maybe it’s my train wreck of an inconsistent life that inspired them all.  So, whether I did something right or did something wrong…they win!  I have 4 beautiful children.  No, really, they are beautiful. You see the pic.  Everyone of them going for their dreams.  I’ll write about my girls today.  

They started in the 5th and 3rd grade.  One day my oldest girl said: “Mom, I’m gonna be a star someday!”  I said: “Alrighty!”  We started from that time forward to support her and my younger daughter in their “little band” It’s been 9 years and lots of hard work and consistency.  They have practiced and believed in their dream.  They recently signed a record deal and have started the ride of a life time.  There are four girls in the band.  I could write so much about this and probably will.  For now lets just say, it took consistency.  Now that I think about it I have been consistently helping them pursue their dreams.  So I do know how to be consistent!  Now it’s time for me to be consistent in doing the things I want to do.  It’s a strange time, a hard time, an exciting time!

Leave me a message on my About page and tell me what you're going through now in your life.  I would love to hear from you!