Monday, January 8, 2018

When You're In The Darkness....

So I write about consistency, and then I didn't blog yesterday!  I'm human and trying! My daughter Cristal is a great example of consistency!  She set her goal when she was 10 to be a star and she has never doubted or quit working on it.  This year is a huge year for her band!

I want Mamas On The Move to be about us moving forward in life no matter what's going on.  Let's face it, life is always changing and sometimes in ways we could have never anticipated.  I am personally going through probably the most challenging time of my life.  Blogging is helping me think about the things that are helping me and hopefully maybe something I share will help you.

I thought of this idea the other day.  "When you're in the darkness, wait...the light is coming." Jill Armstrong Ramirez

I've learned lately in Yoga about sitting with whatever feelings you have.  I personally want to hurry passed the grief part of any experience.  I'm sure we all do.  I've learned to trust that the light is coming.  I've tried to remember in my darkest hours that this is gonna get better.  Somehow it gives me hope.  When you feel so much despair or fear, it's easy to think it's never gonna get better.

Try to think of other times when you thought all was lost.  Remember how things worked out somehow.  I try to list all the good that can come from whatever I'm going through.  It sounds cheesy, but try it.  Tomorrow I'll write about what I do when I've had enough of sitting with the feelings...


  1. I love the idea of sitting with your feelings. A good friend of mine described it as letting the wave of emotion come over you..really let yourself feel it, and then let it go, just like the waves go back to the ocean. Love you beans!

    1. It's true! Just trust that it will pass. Thanks for your comment! Maybe I'll do a drawing for everyone who far you're winning!!!!