Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Emotion is Created By Motion!

Emotion is created by motion is what Tony Robbins says.  Man I love that guy.  I would love to go to one of his seminars. But rest assured, when the Fire Walk starts, I would be running to the bathroom!

So this concept is so helpful when going through a hard time or when we are caught up in grief or confusion or just any crappy emotion.  (Sorry about the "crappy" couldn't think of another word.)

Think about how you hold your body when you're feeling sad.  Think about how you hold your body when you're happy.  The motion you create with your body really does affect your mood.

Try this.  Next time you're having a crying fit or just feeling down, get into motion.  I mean anything.  Go for a walk.  Go put some laundry in.  Do some dishes.  Put some music on and force some dance moves.  This works like magic.  When you want to change your mood, change your body, get into motion.

I'm amazed at how well this works.  It seem so simple.  In fact so simple, it doesn't seem like it would work...but it does.  

As always, please follow my blog and comment!  Tell me your experiences.  Oh, and that pic is me at 19 getting my grove on!  This picture was also the inspiration for The Aces music video for their song "Stuck".

Tomorrow will be a video.  Favorite cookbook day!

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