Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Rest Is Still Unwritten...

New start up to my blog! Its gonna be a blast!  I will be including videos and pictures.  Why you ask? Well this year is the year I get my life back! 

I won’t get into details about the demise of all I thought my life would be. I’ve always been a happy person.  I think of myself as a positive woman, even a fun gal. But the twists and turns my life has taken in the recent past have sent me spinning.  It feels like someone threw me into a deep pool of water and that I’ve been stuck there waiting for someone to grab my hand and pull me up so that I can breath. Seriously, I could never have predicted the things I have gone through these past few years.  I don’t think I could have thought it up in my most wild imagination.  But, this is my life, my family, my future.  So I better figure it out and make the best of it.  The amazing thing is, I am feeling the pull of the universe to open my eyes wider and see the great experiences all this is giving me. To open my heart bigger and to be more generous and kind and accepting. To not see hard things as a punishment, but an opportunity.

So what I want to write about is what I’m doing to get my life back.  Well, not the life I had, but a better life. I am about to create the life I love.  Weird thing is that I’m not exactly sure what that is yet.  There in lies the adventure. Really this blog is for me.  If you read it I hope maybe something inspires you.

A friend once told me that most great accomplishments in life were done by people that didn’t feel well. I’ve never forgotten that.  I guess I have always been waiting for the right time or to feel better physically or mentally or spiritually or when I have more time.  Always waiting for the perfect time to pursue a dream. As I get older and realize that my time is becoming more limited.  I don’t have the 50 years ahead of me that I use to.  I now have 52 behind and who knows how much more. So its time to start pursuing the dreams that have been with me for awhile.

I have wanted to be a writer for along time now. I’ve held that desire in my heart with the promise that I’ll get to it someday. There is a quote from the book Big Magic that I love. “If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you.  If you don’t bring forth what is within you, what you don’t bring forth will destroy you.” Think about that.  So I will attempt to bring forth what is within me. The rest is still unwritten….


  1. I love it Jill! Can't wait to read your next post.

  2. Beans! Always have been a writer..always will be! I love your heart and your writing and will be a "regular". Love you!