Friday, March 2, 2012

Netflix Addiction

Netflix Addiction

Recently my husband and I discovered Netflix!   At the touch of a button we have all the movies and TV series we could want.  We also realized that we could watch on our laptop!  So, we have  devised over the course of many weekends, a system as my husband puts it. (One of his favorite words)

Let me describe in detail so you can appreciate the situation.  First, we put the laptop on a “bed table”.  I don’t really know where it came from and I don’t ask.  Next, we have borrowed, or stolen one of the kid’s small amplifiers that they use in their band for our surround sound effect.  We put the little table in the middle of the bed with the laptop on top.  It sits about eye level, if one is half sitting, half lying on the bed.  So we achieve this by stacking our pillows behind us as to keep us in the right position for optimum viewing pleasure.  Then the amp is placed behind the little table on the bed.  All cables skillfully connected by my husband and routed to the appropriate outlets.  The volume is determined by the level of noise coming from the rest of the house.  Whatever it takes to hear nothing but the movie in play.  Now it goes without saying that we outfit ourselves in the most comfortable and unattractive clothing we own.  Next we have the snacks.  We buy and hide all our favorite snacks.  Including and not excluding the following.  Pepsi or Coke, popcorn, candy, chips, various and sundry sandwiches, assorted nuts (for Carlos), Mexican food (Betos, carnitas only), toast and a special herbal tea mix that I have renamed “pooping tea” which we drink after we both have heartburn.

So, every Friday night we wait for all the kids to leave the house.  As soon as the last chick has left the nest we spring into action.  Each of us knows our assignments.  Within 10 minutes we are poised and overwhelmed with the anticipation of an uninterrupted few hours of watching, relaxing and snacking.  We breathe a collective sigh and push play.  Pure bliss it is!  We dare say the outfit rivals any expensive theatre room. 

One night Carlitos (my oldest) came home early and opened the door to find us thus perched.  He surveyed the situation, exclaimed that our sound system was in fact his, and then shook his head and left.

In recent weeks the movie viewing has extended to Sundays as well.  We aren’t proud of this.  Last Sunday Carlos discovered a TV series (which will remain undisclosed at this time) we started with the first episode.  We were hooked.  Since netflicks allows you to view a season in one sitting, that is what we did.  We started at 5 pm and ended the season at ….yes 3 am.   Pushing pause only for bathroom breaks and restocking of snacks. I believe the kids came in at one point, we may have talked to them, I don’t remember.  For the record, I protested at about episode 6 and said we should quit and go to sleep.  But when Carlos gets focused…well you know!  Those that know me, know that I can’t be left out of the fun at any cost, so I was his wing woman until almost dawn.  After the final show ended I said; “This is getting out of control!  We have laid here for 10 hours!  My back hurts and I can’t see past an arm’s length!”

The next morning our girls called me to the kitchen.  Cristal said “Mom…we need to talk.  You and Dad are out of control with your little Netflix dates.  Alisa said “Ya…you two need to get a life.  Go to the gym, take a walk,  get yourselves together!”

So, we know we have a problem. We feel admitting it is progress.  However, we are not yet committed to abandoning our addiction completely.  So if you need us on Friday or Sunday nights…forget it… unless you want us to move over and make room for you.  BYOS (Bring your own snacks)


  1. Jill! This is perfect! Keep them coming! My mom had me read it out to her over the phone so that we could laugh together!!!!!! I love you cuz! Looking forward to our up coming b day!!!!!

  2. Can't tell you how much I loved this post. I watch Netflix on my tablet while the baby eats at night and I must admit there have been a few nights where he is well done eating but my episode isn't over so I stay up even knowing I'll regret it come wake up time for his siblings